Create karma so that the result should not affect you Each age needs a new kind of spirituality Passion for everything is Compassion Death of 'Ahankara' is the birth of wisdom Truth should be your Goal not Victory Truth should be your Goal not Victory
About Amma
Gurumatha Amma is a realised soul of our modern time whose life is an expression of great human values. Spirituality is not apart from her life. She is spreading the basic truth and the essence of simple life in her teachings. She is the founder of " The Center for Self Realisation" - a Jeevana Dharma Yoga trust which is offering a life transforming experience to humanity.

She is an embodiment of truth and peace. Her unattached fulfilled life is her true religion. She appears as a very ordinary person with an extra ordinary inner strength and potential. Her pure fragrance of love and compassion is a magnetic center which has been attracting thousands of children across the globe who recognises her as Gurumatha AMMA.

Her holiness is pure, blissfull and wholesome. She is leading a disciplined life. In her presence we feel our presence.

You are welcome to join us, Amma's family, of innumerable devotees and children, In the great journey.
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